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Origami Films has produced over 500 TV and cinema commercials. It has a YouTube Channel with over 74 million views. It also optioned and developed one award winning feature film: "The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey" starring Tom Berenger, Joely Richardson and a then very young Sairose Ronan and developed and produced a second: the award nominated "Starfish", starring Joanne Froggatt and Tom Riley, a powerful story of the love and self-belief a family use to battle the devastating consequences of sepsis.

Both films were written and directed by Bill Clark and both are now distributed in the UK, USA and around the world both physically and digitally.

We are currently developing two further feature films.

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"The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey"

Written & Directed by Bill Clark, based on the book by Susan Wojciechowski

Following the death of his father in war, Thomas McDowell (Luke Ward-Wilkinson) and his widowed mother, ( Joely Richardson), move to the country to live with his aunt (Lia Williams). En route Thomas loses his prize possession, the carved Nativity set he and his father shared each Christmas. In an attempt to console her sad son the Widow McDowell persuades grumpy hermit woodcarver Jonathan Toomey (Tom Berenger) to carve a new nativity set and allow her son to watch him create the pieces. Their meetings unlock their secrets and feelings and a shared bond that helps all three rebuild their lives and overcome their grief.

Including a performance from a very young Saoirse Ronan "The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey" is an award winning film that has been released around the world and is an annual bestseller on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. The film has an 85% 5 star rating.

Recent Amazon reviews:

...a moving and beautiful story...

...catches you when you least expect it...

..."Christmas Miracle" is among our top 10 Christmas movies...


Written & Directed by Bill Clark

Tom (Welsh BAFTA winner Tom Riley) and Nicola (Golden Globe winner Joanne Froggatt) have to face life after Tom's body is destroyed by the consequences of sepsis and their beautiful life and young family stand on the brink of an emotional abyss. Their only weapon is their love and belief in each other.

Nominated for the "Best British Film" award at the Edinburgh film festival of 2016, "Starfish" has been a success around the world with both criticas and audiences.

With a 5-star rating, "Starfish" is available on Amazon

Recent Amazon reviews

...Inspiring film. Don't hesitate to buy...

...Absolutely brilliantly done..

...Brilliant film a must watch true story...